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It's Monday morning on the opposite coast of America, and if shoppers pack the mall for last-minute Christmas shopping, there's a good chance you're mistaken for an active shooter. Officially called Jersey's, located at 651 Kapowkski Road, one Twitter user shared a picture of a "freaking rush" that had just occurred in Jersey Garden.

Reporter KeldyOrtiz has just spoken to Elizabeth officials and confirmed there was a brawl and a temporary lockdown, but police have just arrived by helicopter And everything is back to normal. There were reports of gunshots in the Jersey Gardens shopping centre, there were brawls and temporary closures and people ran through the car park. @ Montebellomall is underway and there is a WRONG ALARM, police report of a shooting at the mall and Police have just turned up in a helicopter. A robbery at a jewelry store led to a "report of gunshots in shopping malls" in law enforcement radio traffic, he wrote. He tweeted that a disturbance had caused "disruption" and led to a "mass panic" on Monday night.

However, his tweets on the internet quickly changed to reassure the public that there was no active shooter at the mall. This is understandable, according to the Associated Press, given the videos shared by Montebello on social media.

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More About Montebello